When you say people praise me, it's really a reflection on you

For what great parenting ultimately comes down to

It's compassion without limits, guidance with endless advice

Going out of your way without thinking twice

Giving encouragement when needed, love twenty-four hours a day

Even when I'm at my worst, you always know what to say

You give more than enough laughs to keep us all sound

Even if we've already heard the same ones round and round

When looked at more closely, the word parent is fitting

Because you two are the best PAIR, fully committing

To raising your children as best as you know how

If there ever were a standard, the standard would be saying wow

You do not receive nearly as many thanks as you should be given

For the countless hours, months, and years in which you have been so driven

You've taught us about growing up, about getting through life

About being a perfect loving man and wife

You understand each other, you understand love

You understand compromise when push comes to shove

Balancing family, work and music, it's a wonder when you rest

And that's just hitting the surface of why your family is so blessed

So here's an ode to you, the greatest parents bar none

It's an honor and an absolute joy to be known as your son