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  • It's the end of the day

    It's the end of the day
    It's time to wind down
    Right near the time when
    Our fox comes around.
    He stretches out long
    Then our fox starts to dream
    That's when we bring out
    Our Firefly Team.
    Is that who's guarding our Fox
    When he's fast asleep?
    Yes, Team Fireflies do!
    No nonsense, no peep.

    But who guards the bugs
    Once they've started to yawn?
    After burning their lights
    From the dusk through the dawn?

    Not our fox, my dear friend.
    He disappears quite!
    But he'll soon return
    To snore through the night.
    But where does he go
    When he leaves his den?
    He goes to his friends
    He chases a beer...
    A rum...
    And a gin...
    At night he returns
    As drunk as a skunk
    And who watches him
    You'd think that he'd thunk.
    Our fireflies click on their bulbs
    In the nick of time
    So our fox gets home safely
    Though all liquored and lime.

    Now our firefly days
    Are quiet and bland
    They sleep in the green
    Cool grass on the land
    They bury themselves
    Down very, very far
    Please keep them away from that
    kid with a jar!

    Who guards our firefly
    Bugs as they snooze?
    When moths come to call
    They're always refused.
    And even the prettiest of
    Butterflies lose.
    Their home in the grass
    Is their snuggling keep.
    It's nice and it's dark
    And it's perfectly deep.
    So who guards our firefly
    Bugs while they sleep?

    Hey silly you!
    Have you figured it too?
    It's in front of your face
    Where you see all the blue!

    It's the stars in the skies!
    So many, so wide
    That our fireflies always
    Have trusted their lives.
    They can play and can dance
    They might laugh or they weep
    Stars will be there for them
    (and for you and our fox too)
    And they don't need to sleep
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