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What's up with liking Likes by Boe(Bobby Del Boy Burke

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  • What's up with liking Likes by Boe(Bobby Del Boy Burke

    What's up with liking Likes?

    Sitting at home, counting Facebook likes,
    when I should be outside, riding a mountain bike,
    exploring the Catskill mountains, taking a sunset hike,...
    maybe a karaoke bar, someone hand me the mike.

    Fishing at Williams Lake. reeling in a Pike.
    Take a course at the local college, majoring
    in psych. Spend some time bowling, and
    throwing thirteen strikes.

    So much to do and so little time, and yet I'm
    just sitting here with my rhythm and rhyme.
    Although I am exercising, it's mostly in my mind,
    brainstorming and visualizing for words that I can bind.

    So here I sit with pen in hand, in a writer's wasteland,
    or maybe there is a demand, for writer and reader
    to expand. Sometimes a like, is hard to understand,
    until further notice, I'm not making any plans.

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    Awesome!!! I really enjoyed this


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      Glad you like Rach, appreciate you taking the time.