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Little Birds & The Power of Words

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  • Little Birds & The Power of Words

    We all know about the power of words,
    of repeating things from little birds,
    of a passing remark that’s bit too mean,
    of a compliment on something you’ve seen,
    but do we take that knowledge and put it to use,
    or do we set it aside with some sort of excuse?

    Just remember a compliment can brighten a day,
    and a rude remark can darken it the same way.
    It takes five nice things to overpower one bad
    (a statistic that really should make people sad).
    So let’s change that- smile and compliment away,
    and I guarantee you, you’ll make somebody’s day.

    So put yourself out there, try it out, and you’ll see
    how easily shared a good feeling could be.
    Think of a time someone with you acted this way-
    did you not have a smile all the rest of the day?
    It takes courage to start, yes, this is true,
    but do it for all those who have said nice things to you.

    (For those who already do this, hats off to you all,
    I applaud your courage- please always stand tall)

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    Great message! Cute and snappy poem (I don't really know what the means but I think it fits). Great job.