Since I'm dumb, I accidentally put this in the rules thread last time - so, let's try this again.

It casts a long shadow across the basked-by-sunset shallows
A now-sinking ship that set sail for the masked-as-sunshine gallows
Truth is, it's a little belittling, how the sun reflects off the water and leaves it glistening
As if for all the ears not listening, the fingers left fidgeting, just waiting for the christening
I can always twist lips convincing like "there's always another but I'm not just fishing"
In reality I've already fished in the lost seas of darkness for a dream that I will never be living
I'm trapped in bittersweet memories, the cause and effect of depression
So I think back to every word, every smile, every smirk - a natural progression
Rememberance : my mind's memoirs, maybe masterful, it's music
It's keys in perfect harmony to attract the good graces of a childish cupid
A growing dissonance, a million things serving as the crescendo
A breakneck tempo, the sole instrument's a memento
Dime a deity, left doubting all dignity
Cause there isn't any symmetry within the should-be sympathy symphony
And so I fell in love with a fantasy, cause I didn't want to sit passively
Left with nothing but past principles, so I scribbled something honest in a rhapsody
The truth is I'm a human being - just like all of you
Who caught a brief glimpse of heaven for a second and sort-of wanted a second
But it doesn't always work like that

The understated anarchy of loneliness
Copious hopelessness, opiates served in the form of openess
Hoping this grows bigger, a kind of redemption that leaves me standing tall
In reality it's only the bitterness of the rain that'll stay with me after last call
At the grand opening of the night, across the stage, curtains pass
Found a bit of bravery on the befallen-upon grass
Just a little waltz in the rain, fickle, lost in the pain, lost in the feigning of reign
That defines the name of the shame, cause everything I do is in vain
Who's he? And no more 'an idiot', cause every word the cold speaks is insidious
So might as well find the beauty in the hideous
Hide the anger in the sacred corners of pandora's box
Broken bones over sticks and rocks, like broken hearts over tricks and talks
Nothing left here but a single spark
Maybe one day that'll join the dark
And there's no point, no point to all of this
Dancing in the heart of the storm, it doesn't diminish the pain
But one day it might leave me the reins

I've seen the tide cometh, and the tide retreat
So I just stay, merrily chasing a golden fleece
Where comets streak across the blank, black night sky
The time is nigh - either fly or die
Sunrise stole the Ts and left ruthlessly
In foolish lunacy, aren't we all beautifully
Parts of a puzzle, every piece of propaganda, every concept
The context - the progress in contact, even without conquest
Probably a prospect, the cons and the pros even themselves out
So it isn't getting con'd, more appropriately called a different route
Honestly, there's an advancement in acceptance
And you can't move on if you're trapped in resentment
Lessons learned from love that last longer than the girl ever would
They mean more to me than a thousand rejections ever could
But still I pulled a broken mirror out of the rock and sand
Where the low tide showcased the promised land
I told it with bated breath, "You will grow to be something dynamic and impressive
Because you are honest, you are gallant, and you are festive"
And I never really let that go, matter of fact I grasped it tight
It's the only thing to hold onto as the brief day fades to night
Believe me - I know all dusk will eventually erupt into a brilliant dawn
And I know this isn't all life has to offer
I know it all comes back to the sunshine, but
That doesn't take away from the darkness that I've shifted through
That doesn't render my mind free from its shackles
That doesn't reignite the hidden phoenix from within me
In short, that doesn't right every wrong
But it does say that, despite all of that
There's a hope
There's always a hope
But sometimes that hope gets lost
And so I felt it leave my frigid fingertips
Float out into the brisk winter air
Leave my world and fly out into the moonlit dusk
I felt it say its last goodbye, shed its last tear
And I felt myself jump
To catch it
But the only way I could have it was
If I let it go
So from the most honest part of my heart
Thank you