Have we learned our lesson?

Oh the depression.
How could we let things get so bad, so terrible
Till now we’re in a recession.
Well we got a new president, unha-alright
And yes he’s African American
And yes I’m proud to be standing here sharing it,
But have we learned our lesson?
That is the question.
Most say it was bushes fault.
Now I’m not saying that some wasn’t bushes fault
But at the same time I sat back and rethought
See now we’re in greater poverty, it’s gotten so bad… so unfortunate
That in some states they’re actually charging fees in soup kitchens.
Is that the American dream?
Do outsiders really want to be on our team?
I’m not dissing, just wishing for a better day.
But as I’m told Barrack Obama is going to pave the way.
He says it’s time for a change
That nothing should ever stay the same.
But lets be honest. He can’t do it all on his own
We as Americans have to be strong.
No longer shall we walk around in shame
Although some incidents in the past
We as citizens should take the blame.
So have we learned our lesson?
That is the question.
The economy is getting lower and lower by the number
And no, no it aint no wonder
We’re trillions of dollars in debt
And we know… we know why
The government is overcharging what we aint got
Which is a lot on credit cards.
We’re falling hard.
Healthcare crisis
47 million Americans with no health insurance
And there are 300 million people in America to date
You do the math
Sad, but as of right now this is our path
Ooh, the hesitation
Today we have lower and less education
All this, this is why
As Americans, as individuals
We’re dealing with greater and greater frustrations
Now you... you tell me
Have we learned our lesson?
Please someone answer my question
There’s more crime
Our brothers and sisters are killing each other over dimes
We don’t have time, we need jobs
We need to turn it around
We need to lead this country
But how can we lead in the days to come if the rich are getting richer
And the poor are getting poorer?
Ohh in order to receive our blessing
Have we learned our lesson?
That is the question.