For an understanding, you should make extensions to your comprehension
Pay undivided attention and think in 3 dimension
listen so you won't miss the cognition
Your knowledge will lengthen your mind will strengthen and you as a person will make an ascension

Everything that your mind interpret has it's purpose and it's worth it
Don't be nervous! let your knowledge surface even if it's not perfect
Yours will have better service versus the wordless
Follow your urge's and begin your surges instead of being worthless workless and search less

It's logical and optional to not let audible, optical or arsenal knowledge dull
It's also logical to pierce through obstacles and being inexhaustible to make phenomenal things probable and possible
Problems will be solvable, stoppable, and implausible and you will be applausable
You shouldn't want to be a nominal that's comical living abominable and insoluble

Knowledge is practical and valuable
With it, you can be a capital, admirable, applicable, radical and look fashionable
From a regular or below average lifestyle, you should strive to be an actual, natural, and a detachable person that can no longer be adaptable or compatible
You can also have a life that's at it's maximal money that be addable instead of a life that's collapsible and constantly using collateral

That should be motivation to make a commitment to be different, listen and read all the knowledge that's existent
You should be persistent and consistent and use the knowledge like equipment to fulfill your vision
Don't be resistant or indignant for any shipment
The choice of getting those fitments for your brain is entirely your decision