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    I am a creature in a void,
    Full of countless, endless, soundless noise,
    Trying to find a way out. But the
    Noise, noise, noise drowns
    My thought and creates its own.
    I still exist
    Inside of this,

    Yet they can’t see past the red face,
    Glassy eyes, like a monster
    Preparing destruction. For all.

    I’m not! I’m not! My voice cries,
    Crushed by the silent sound,
    And they cannot hear me!
    All they see is a monster.

    No… this is not me.
    Yet they think the inner is finally coming out.
    I am not rage! I would never
    Do what I said I would. Alone,
    Alone, leave me alone!

    Yet if you wish to,
    Stay. I cannot stop you.
    But I can curl up with silence, in the corner
    Of my mind. Plugging un-visible ears.
    Not invisible. Un-visible, but still there.
    Maybe if I try, I can close it off.

    Wall myself in. But then, they will still see me.
    I cannot escape their thoughts, their hurt!
    I’ve injured them,
    The ones I love! Can I erase their memory?

    No! I cannot, could not bear it. They
    Think I am a monster, and for good cause.

    Who knows? Perhaps I am a monster?
    Only because they have made me one.
    I will lay down on the floor,
    Waiting for the lightning bolt from heaven
    To silence me.

    And this infernal noise.
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