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Understanding Our Society's Ambitions

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  • Understanding Our Society's Ambitions

    Our society is invading into the minds of the youth
    With the idea to be rich and prosper stupidly
    Although education's betterment is kind of the truth
    Today's prospects are stripped of opportunity

    Any fool with the authority can fire help
    But a smart businessman knows who's craftiest
    Just as any fool with an office can acquire wealth
    But a wise, free soul does what gives them true happiness

    In a world of shepherds and sheep
    The more we get caught up in society
    The lesser the need
    To have any kind of variety

    Some may think their only dream is to get by
    As a fool would argue "what could be better than this?"
    But living under another's choices ruins lives
    Because to live without following your dreams, is to never have lived

    -Caleb Fleissner, 2015