One long last look before I go,
A stroll through memory lane,
Doesn’t seem that long ago,
Years together, shall remain.

Papered walls, wooden floors,
Rooms once filled with laughter,
Hiding places behind closed doors,
Seemed happily, ever after.

We grew as one, dreams fulfilled,
Began a family, within these walls,
Tattered structure, there to rebuild,
Every board, as my mind recalls.

How do I leave and say goodbye,
It’s only human to share emotion,
An aching throat, a teary eye,
For a brief lifetime, of devotion.

Just a house, a place to reside,
Yet my heart, yearns for more,
Standing on the porch outside,
Last touching; of the door.

Another family will soon arrive,
As they have, many times past,
Once again, you’ll come alive,
I doubt that they’ll be the last.

We’ve left a mark here in our stay.
Much too many, to ever forget,
Fare-Thee-Well, our parting way,
Fond memories; yet some regret.

Simple and free, back in our youth,
Money never got in our way,
Every new day, filled with truth,
Only time can take this away.

One last picture etched in my mind,
As we lived, a part of the land,
Many years later, all well defined,
A distant place; I now understand.