That Winter The Wind Blew !!!!
That Spring, That Summer, That Autum, That Winter.
A Well Known Wind Was Blowing.
Before I Could See You .
I Could Feel Your Soft Touch.
Our Eyes Would Meet.
Our Gazes Untouched.
Our Fingers Intwined.
Our Hearts Never Far Apart.
But One Fateful Night.
It All Sadly Became Undone.
Before I Could Understand.
It Had Been Alll Said And Done.
You Laid There Lifeless.
Cold To My Touch.
Deaf To My Voice.
Blind To My Face.
Days Had Passed.
Weeks Had Gone.
Living A Nightmar With No Way To Wake Up.
Unable To Live On.
I Was Ready To Join Your Eternal Slumber.
But Then At That Momment.
I Felt It.
A Familar Feel.
A Noticebly Touch.
Yet No Figure Was Within My Sight.
I Followed The Blow.
The Whistling Through My Ears.
To A Field Of Flowers.
I Had Long Forgotten.
There It Surronded Me.
That Forceful Wind.
That Warm Feeling.
It Was Then I Knew.
Knew That It Was You.
The Wind That Hugged Me.
That Faint Feel.
You Never Did Leave Me Did You ?
I May Not See .
But I Sure Can Feel .
Your Always Here With Me.
The Winter Your Wind Blew.....