Turn on the tv, I beg to watch the news
There is something in the media that has me confused
They let black men get murdered by the white mans gun
Hands up don’t shoot not they aim, you run
We aren’t free contrary to belief
We are futuristic slaves owned by a society
On our Twitter we can freely tweet away
But a hundred and forty characters isn’t enough to say
How I’ve marched in the streets and protested with signs
Understand I am frustrated cause soon you will find
More cities like Ferguson and more buildings in flames
In ignorance, find history in our present the same
With this we cannot grow so never mind a change
I envision a day not about layers, with no hate or pain
Understand we need to love and spare some chances
Stop the killing, stop the crime; watch all the advances
We can’t live in a perfect world just as the perfect home
But I ask, “Can we have a world with streets safe to roam?”
Understand I am just a student here trying to succeed
at reaching America’s ears, by all means