time truly does work in circles
rotating on its own axis
fluid solar wind memories
carrying graphite pieces of amorphous rock
shape to the craters my tears bend into the solid ground
acting more like plasma.
Time screeches and laughs at itself,
bends its back to replay itself vainly
as if on camera,
laughs at me.
It’s hard not to try to grab the sides of the slide
as you slither away from solidity with a splash.
You forget what its like to understand time
as a constant,
time as a fact.
Time is a joker.
The trick is on you.
It catches you when you’re not looking;
you thought you picked a new card.
Jokes on you, fools,
it’s the same card as before.
Time caught a sneak peek,
giggled and returned it
you unknowingly looked forward to a future of a new hand,
new possibilities to win at the game of life.
But, time.
They say it waits for no man,
but it sure likes to wait for itself.
As a ghost,
it likes to watch
its tail’s backlash
it whips to the front
a heavy gown.
An evil ghost queen,
I would have imagined by nemesis to be as a child
but in fact
it is time
haunts me
laughs in my face
holds me captive from moving on.