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  • Water

    Water can easily flow
    Pays no mind to where it goes
    It travels fast and slow
    As it travels, it will grow

    Water can bring and bestow
    Gifts as it comes and goes
    But destruction it can show
    If the observer doesn't know
    As the water easily flows
    Its power within will grow

    The observer that tries to stow
    The water's power that glows
    Will soon come to know
    The destruction it bestows

    "This water must never flow
    It's power never to be shown
    It must be bottled and stowed
    Until it is no longer known."

    To the observer to stowed
    This powerful water that glows,
    Heed my warning and know
    Destruction will soon be shown

  • #2
    This one I thought I'd give a hint to its meaning since my colleagues who read the poem mistook the meaning to be I am against bottled water. This poem is essentially a metaphor, presenting the idea that emotion is like water.