Every last one of you
Is destined for great heights
This was instilled
With the breathe of life
What is it you desire to be
all of your hopes can become reality
you have not ben set in stone
rather clay ready for the potter to shape, mold
take the easy road if you like
but a greater self,
requires action that is bold
I want you all to grow, to stretch
This generations time to etch
on the collective picture of the ages
The future, today
Tomorrow judged as history
Don’t put it off
time doesn’t stop but
keeps ticking away
We all have a clock
its ours alone
Individually owned
unwinding since the day were born
When it’s should stop,
Better use what’s been granted
Show that in your life you’ve grown
Dreams are for those who sleep
Wake now, sow, and reap
What keeps teachers up at night,
It’s our relation to you
We are a cord plugged into the wall
Trying to be electrifying for y’all,
Hoping your minds to turn on
Answering Shakespeare, we say to be,
Get it kids we want you to be
Thinking up more than one way
To say what I have to say
For I know we all hear
Let me put it you like this
The pressure we feel
The weight of an elephant
on the back of an ant
I want you to believe in you
The words I can
do away with I cant
When I fail me, it’s my cross to bear
When I fail you,
tears me up 1000 times more, I swear
I am part of the motivational tool
The teacher to the student
The bell to Pavlov’s dog
Hoping to cause a hunger
Salivating for knowledge
Like when you were younger
How as educators did we miss
The existence of the educational inquisition
The desire to learn, put into remission
Talk to someone age five
Endless questioning an innate cognition
I know this is what we all want to revive
Not everyone on earth wants you kids to make it
no best interest at heart
Satisfied to stop you before you start
Education in America, free
However, Opportunity takes action
Otherwise stagnation from no traction
Hope must have spirit
The bell is ringing do you hear it
Others kids wish they had your seats
Where they live Education comes with a price
calculated in numerous ways,
the ultimate cost
costing a life
which they willing risk
if it is their time to go, others in line behind
refusing to let them die in vain
a sacrifice worth a brighter tomorrow
if the debt paid
brings the changing rains
like into a pound A single pebble
In the time labeled a rebel
But the present is not the test
History records who in the past is best
I want you always to think freely
Your minds, I want you to probe
Keep this question in your frontal lobe
Why do oppressors desire to have others
minds placed in mental chains increasing
evils hold
You think it is not easy to break steel
It’s weak by comparison
Psychological chains are stronger
still. Nothing is stronger than what’s inside
here some examples so you know I do not lie
places like Afghanistan
Some have literally ben dying
for the right learn
a deadly obstacle the Taliban
for wanting to be educated
Milala took a bullet to her head
Chicken boys that aint manhood
Fear would not stop her
Her voice continued to rise
even rose form the hospital bed
Now That’s what I call dedicated
the strongest muscle needs to be fed
it’s between the ears let it be said
In case you missed the point of my message
What they did, Nothing new
Be it a girl or be it a Jew
Throughout history evil
has always been willing
To terrorize a nation
you are dead
or an informer
turning on friend now you’re a foe
evil aiming to bend all men to it’s way of thinking
Utopia, only for them
Attempting to make themselves Gods among men
the first group to be executed
the intellectuals
to ensure the plan is not ineffectual
towering books the kindle
using hate like a match
burning the society, watching it dwindle
the flames licking their face
now casting shadows back to the dark ages
unrolling their control in stages
killing the professors in the schools
to enact their vision they need a nation of fools
get what I am saying
if anything can stop ‘em
its your education
why teachers ask for your concentration
Its not just about the individual
power in one
Can change a whole society
multiply this
By a scholarly population
And it grows exponentially
Makes it hard for evil to subject it’s
Will on you
So begins the spilling of blood
Hoping terror in the nation to flood
Hold up
you just said this couldn’t happen
if we used our brain
True but it’s Important to be vigilante
For the do not rise in the time of glory
But appear when the nation is on her knees
Bugging save us from ruin
Emaciated citizens gladly give away
Freedoms jewels
Irrational behavior when famished
Allowing things not allowed when full
Don’t let the days aches blind you to propaganda
these evil doers and their regimes
including countless not mention
and still to come
have uttered he same contention
Its a means to an end
And I agree,
an end to you and I thinking freely
Pay attention in history class
important to posses
A knowledge of the past
They all use the same technique
It’s the same story dressed up as a new ethnicity
Or group to hate
"Eyes focused don’t let them out of site
They are enemies of the sate"
And while you watch you didn’t see
The were busy enslaving the whole society
Rising to power, finger pointed
Duping the people for support
Once gained evils anointed
Taking a castle for their home
No water in the mote
Its filled with the bodies of the dead
Pleas for help on deaf ears
But evil always has an appetitive
No group left but yours
Now its you he wants to bite
But if you are knowledgeable
You can see evil for evil
Recognize a liar for a liar
Six million don’t have to die
Future generations looking at todays history asking
Why God why
Important you Get the books cracking
Stop all the excuses and the slacking
You got to keep on keeping on
Got no time for any more Stalin
But back in the day he and that other dude
The angry one with the funny stache
Were throwing down in the eras biggest match
Both axis of evil not on the pages
but in truth but evil will turn on their own
the Third Reich trying to devour
but is hard to swallow sickle and a hammer
So evil put on a western mask
Allies, helping with the days task
defeating the quote unquote master race
The lessor beating the greater
There’s something to chew
If you believe one race is supreme
The spoils of war we did divide
Hanging eastern Europe out to dry
An iron curtain splitting east and west
I am here to tell you he also had an iron net
Caught 40 million and sent then to the other side
even killing his brother in the Ussr tide
flowing over the land at paranoid speed
a powerful undertow
relatives not even spared
ego maniacs they don’t care
ask that one in the North
just above that other country sitting out in the sea
once one country, a forgotten war, in the 1950’s
the new young ruler not satisfied with how his dad and uncle
had chained the minds, ask me those two know how to manipulate
college classes the peeps can take on how
the ruling family is truly divine
raised to believe this ,the people are inclined
to think the father previous head of state
was born under double rainbows
stopping hurricanes with outstretched arms
Claiming to be Gods
Sound the alarms
A God in the flesh, people starving, and yet father nor son could make food
Correction I was wrong the younger one did
Chopped up his uncle
and fed him to the hounds
Piece by piece pound by pound
The only weapon we have against those that hate
and want to control freedom,
it don’t matter the structure they devise
or how they sugar coat their lie
Evil knows this and knows it for a fact
If you want to enslave
control what they learn
and you got them
from the cradle to the grave