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    I look up at the moon,
    I don’t wanna look back up,
    Cause the sun’s not coming soon,
    I try to go to sleep,
    But I hear the sounds of beeps from Jeeps on the street,
    There never is peace in the city,
    I look back up at the sky,
    I expect to see beautiful stars,
    But the only things I see,
    Are airplanes and helicopters by far,
    I wanna sing to myself a lullaby,
    But when I do I don’t feel like I’m qualified,
    I try to shut my eyes,
    But when I do,
    I’m afraid I will die,
    My mom hears me,
    She says, “What are you doing in the middle of the night?!”
    I say, “I can’t go to sleep no matter what I do. I don’t wanna go to school alright?”
    Mom says, “It’s your first day of school you have to. You should have so excitement in you!”
    “Well, try to go to sleep alright! Cause the sun’s coming up soon and it’s going to be really bright!”
    Well, the last I remember I was looking at the moon, but I was asleep too soon.