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Parenting for Ambition

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  • Parenting for Ambition

    I've decided that young people need an incubation period
    A time to smolder and brew
    Letting them simmer on the back burner is my theory
    They need time for themselves too.

    I've decided that behind every blank stare there really is something there.
    They're sponges absorbing it all.
    Giving them space to take it all in; hoping they understand.
    While we're always preventing a fall.

    I've decided that there was a purpose for all that silence.
    It was a time to evolve.
    A time for them to remember their rearing and guidance.
    Time to think about problems that need to be solved.

    I've decided that the work and worry has come to fruition.
    It was a time to invest.
    And, now it's time to measure for ambition.
    For that is life’s true test.