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  • Understanding

    Brianna Murray
    Rock Hill Sc

    Although I try, I cannot see
    You standing there in front of me.
    Although I look, I cannot find
    The brilliant face behind your mind.
    Although I peer, I’ll never know
    Your colors and your vibrant glow.
    But I need your understanding…

    Although I rise, I cannot move
    Depression filling every groove.
    Although I smile, I’ll never feel
    A furvur for life, an endless zeal.
    Although I laugh, I’ll never deny
    The endless pain behind my cries.
    But I long for understanding…

    Although I listen, I cannot hear
    The sounds and yells, the shouts and cheers.
    Although I strain, I’ll never discern
    The auditory way you learn.
    Although I try, I’ll never detect
    The subtleties and disconnects.
    But I crave your understanding…

    Although I pause, I’ll never end
    Compulsions are my only friends.
    Although I rest, I’ll never cease
    Obsessions are a part of me.
    Although I suffer, I’ll never quit
    It’s a puzzle, that never fits.
    But I yearn for understanding

    We may be deaf, we may be blind
    Or have Disorders of the mind.
    We may be different, but we try
    Not to catch you’re Judging eye
    Avoiding attention from those like you
    We just want to blend in too.
    And Let us bring understanding.