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  • Fancy Dancer

    Sometimes I Think About my life
    I lay sober in this rocking chair
    Looking over my life I’m wondering
    Has life been fair She’s a past lover

    In my window I can see doves
    Descending in mid air
    Fancy Dancer Keep on dancing
    You’re my star that twinkles
    At night When I’m feeling despair

    Fancy Dancer keep dancing
    Your way back to me
    Will you be there
    To protect me from
    Things that haunt me
    When I sleep

    Fancy Dancer keep
    On dancing you got me mesmerized

    Look up ahead can’t you see
    People waving to us on the street
    I can’t believe I’m that beggar
    That needs to score
    These are images I can’t

    What really happens when our
    Hearts stop flowing like a river
    Do we just quiver
    Fancy Dancer just
    Keep dancing away the blues
    We might be penniless what
    Do we have to lose

    WE can believe in destiny
    What road would we choose
    It’s late in the morning
    I can hear you dancing on
    The roof top..

    AS I watch sunset another day
    Is done
    Before another day comes
    Fancy Dancer Let’s run
    Up against the sun

    Heaven Help us all
    This world is full grief
    Fancy dancer will you
    give us peace