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  • watch your step

    A person,
    at least a person
    desiring some sort of
    understanding of real life,
    should take themselves through the
    trouble to stop at
    maybe a dollar store
    or a nearby yard sale on the property of
    a hoarder of breakable knickknacks,
    and among the merchandise
    find some kind of
    glass or porcelain figure which they can place,
    on a cinder block or sturdy tarp,
    with the assistance of a hammer or mallet,
    smash it.


    Be the breaker of some defined and established thing

    with a lack of malice,
    a lack of anger,
    instead with even a dose of
    reluctant authority,
    “I suppose I’ll do so,
    if I must.”

    This is only meant to be
    a life lesson,
    merely a stepping-stone of sorts
    into the bigger scheme of things,
    this breaking of the pretty glass vase
    found at a thrift store,

    the key being to observe
    the fragments,
    the tiny shards that litter,
    the speckled lights that scatter
    across a plain path,
    those bits so piercing
    they could rip the sky in two
    so no one can tell the street lamps
    from the stars,
    so there can be a light
    from all those little specks
    no matter where they land.

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