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  • Old Friend

    Old eyes, I realize
    You've seen so much wonder;
    Old hands, I understand
    You've done so much good;
    You're not useless or forgotten;
    I am here to listen -
    So hold my hand and look at me,
    Tell me your stories.

    Old mind, it's hard to find
    One as wise as yours;
    Old heart, I'd hate to part
    With one that beats so true;
    But in this moment, this dear moment
    You and I are here;
    Loving and living,
    Telling our stories.

    Old man, you're kinder than
    Any I have known;
    Old friend, let's just pretend
    I'm your grandchild;
    We may not meet again,
    But it will be all right;
    Right here, right now,
    We're living our story.

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    Heart warming Poem, thanks!


    • emmiebeecreations
      emmiebeecreations commented
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      Thank you for the support! I'm glad you enjoyed.

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    That's amazing, You've done a great job expressing uplifting feelings!


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    I like the way you put joyful feelings into your poetry. I'm a little more blunt and pessimistic. :P