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  • insecurities

    how do you understand
    that when your father doesn’t notice you
    it’s not because he doesn’t love you,
    but because Facebook is far more interesting
    than whatever question you just asked.

    how do you understand
    that when you can’t believe you’re beautiful
    it’s not because it isn’t true,
    but because society insists you will never be as gorgeous
    as Photoshopped supermodels.

    how do you understand
    that when your dream school doesn’t accept you
    it’s not because you’re unintelligent,
    but because you’re part of a 52% white majority
    instead of an ethnic minority.

    how do you understand
    that all your insecurities do not define you
    and your inadequacies are not inadequate at all
    because you are perfect exactly as you are.

    – kb.
    Last edited by kb.; 01-28-2015, 07:15 PM.