It’s like the feel of absolute freedom
Being able to be who you are
There’s no limits, writing takes you far
And you don't ever need a reason

It is just so pleasing
To be able to express
From using your hands or to finding a computer and beginning to press
The satisfaction is so amazing
In my heart, there’s a fire blazing
And in that fire is a game of chess
You don’t know what piece you'll move next
Whether it’s a simple pawn or the mighty queen, you’re a step closer to seizing
Or your opponent might check,
But either way it’s a victory.

A Victory of who you are and can be
A person of freedom, but so much more
It can be about war or sores
Writing can never bore

Writing is not simply lectures
Because instead writing can flexure

Romance to taking chance
Mystery to real or fictional history
Action to abstraction
realistic to idealistic
Optimism to pessimism
Fictionally scientific to being truly horrific

Writing can flexate
All it needs is a touch of create
It is a work of art
meaning it originates in the heart

As life goes on
So little is known
About writing’s magical wonders
Life can be like a hurricane
All hell can break loose
With the mythical God Zeus throwing out bolts of thunder

But listen my fellow and hoping to become writers,
Writing is different
it can begin as good to bad
but go from sad to glad.
It can be accessed from anywhere
At the beginning of the day to pulling an all nighter
Writing is symbolic to its author

Writing is freedom
Pencil or pen
Computer or phone in hand
It’s everywhere
It’s my dearest friend
It’s always with me
Never an enemy

To write is something expressive
Making imagination into a pleasing sensation
It takes a lot of passion and endeavor
To take a simple idea or perception
And turn it into a soaring plane whose destination is wherever

A destination filled with imagination and hope
A place where dreams are real.
Real enough to where it's hard to explain what you feel.
Real enough to make it feel like a parallel universe
Where you have finally escaped
From the hellish clutches of Lucifer.
You can finally be yourself in this newly world you have shaped.
Never curled up in a ball will you be again.

Instead take this new persona of yours
And make it a piece of writing
Whether you want to make it depressing, frightening, confessing, or exciting
No matter what, just let your heart pour.
But also do so much more

Give your heart and soul an open door
Express yourself as needed
Enough running
Enough fleeting
You are no longer conceded
From the chaos of the real world’s beating

No more will you feel confined
You can be yourself and not be criticized
All the judgmental and arrogant people
Will never be able to enter the peaceful and soothing domain
That you have created through the wonders of writing
You are through fighting, you are now the landscaper
You and who you are will no longer be like sandpaper
You are now in a world where you make the terrain

It could be of heartbreak, sorrow, defeation, or pain.
Happiness, praising, glory, or fame.
Frustration, mad-ness, anger, or wrath.
Self discovery, confessing, or showing your path.
Make it your own and never look back.

Through your writing, show the world
That you’re on track, and never again will you implore.
About the mercy you want from all that you have endured.
From midlife crisis, not feeling a sense of highness, to simply feeling like you’ve been hypnotized.

No longer will the real world have control
When you have escaped to place with your own secrets and glory
Confessing a likeness or screaming your righteous,
You and only you are able to mend
the universe that you have created from the powers of your hands
Hand-written or typing your vision
In the world you have made your own,
Nothing is alone, or ever forbidden.

But however, what you give up on in this world I call home
Will eventually be ridden, unknown, and hidden.

Never give up on what you believe
Through writing, I know It’s easy to breath.
Making a story is as easy as one, two, three
But making it into something that says you
Takes a bit of everything
Devotion just doesn’t come out of the blue
It comes from finding yourself from that of what you knew
A life of happiness, or a life of sadness
Your writing symbolizes you.

As I said and always will
Writing is freedom
You just have to feel.
You have escaped to a world of your own.
Let your creativity flow
There’s a light inside of you so let it glow
Shine it into a piece of writing
And make a world of your own.
Reality will never be able to touch you
Because your writing is like the moon
Constantly changing from all you’ve been through

Writing is relieving
It’s a garden of eden
Doing what you want and not worrying about the world you’re leaving
Writing can express and is able to flexate
Writing what you want and not worrying about heartbreak.
So let your mind free
And write about whatever it is that you please.