My Morning

I wake up in the morning my hair all messed up,
And with eyes with crust,
My nose blocked up,
A scratchy and sore throat,
My dreams took me somewhere peacefully like on a boat,
My lips all chapped,
And with drool around that,
One sock off my foot,
And when I try to wear my blanket it doesn’t stay put,
I find my pillow by my feet,
I wonder how crazily I sleep,
I look in the mirror at my face,
And then at the time,
I should’ve been awake!
I look outside and see all the light,
I missed the rise of the sun!
This is not alright,
I walk downstairs and read the clock it says,
Is this in the morning or in the night?
Then I remember my backwards clock is never right,
I was done with school today,
And I slept right away,
Even with 3 hours of sleep,
I sleep like a domestic sheep.