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Morning Zombies

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  • Morning Zombies

    The other morning, dark as night
    I dragged my body from the bed
    And cringing from the faintest light
    I told myself I wasn’t dead
    And so, with thoughts as thick as clay
    I shuffled forth to start the day

    But soon I noticed something grim
    I realized I was not alone
    For from the rooms and hallways dim
    A muffled thump, a quiet moan
    And then I knew, just from that sound
    That morning zombies were around

    And then I saw one standing there
    In the bathroom in the hall
    With bloodshot eyes and wild hair
    And faintly I can just recall
    How she appeared when flushed with life
    Alas! This creature was my wife!

    But then another sound I hear
    From the bedroom next to me
    To tired to feel any fear
    I peer into the gloom and see
    Two mummies wrapped in shrouds, it seems
    I flip the light on, hear the screams

    “Turn that off!” one daughter calls
    “Give me just five minutes more!”
    Out of her bed the other falls
    Still wrapped in sheets, she hits the floor
    She moans and staggers round the room
    A pharaoh in her cluttered tomb

    But I don’t harbor any fears
    It’s hard when eyes are filled with goo
    And through the cotton ‘tween my ears
    A single thought comes pushing through
    Of all the monsters that there are
    I am the biggest one by far