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    ​Listen to the words that are in your mind
    Because the words in my mind just tells me to listen,
    Haven’t you ever figured out why you rhyme
    I see poems and poets everywhere but where do they store their lines
    It’s not even about being a poet, it’s within.
    You have something to say, oh dear, no way
    Scream and shout, but no one can hear,
    Is this a depressing poem, because that’s something I fear,
    This is out of the top of my head because, to be honest
    What is really under my bed?
    I have seen so many different faces
    Talking, fighting, arguing in different places,
    I guess this is the real world on a daily basis.
    Sitting on my computer chair, writing my thoughts down
    As if the pen and the paper are ever to come around.
    I understand now,
    That time is running out
    But wait, time never runs out right?
    It is us who run out of time,
    I guess now, I don’t really understand the concept of understanding
    Because if I did, then writing this piece wouldn’t have been hard at all
    After all
    Why did I write this?
    To motivate or to make myself feel eternal bliss?
    I’m just wondering about how I can write this piece without thinking,
    Regardless of what you say
    It won’t affect me in any way.
    Because judging others is just another stepping stone, cliché,
    If I have written this piece with thought, then I would’ve wasted my time,
    But I’m not trying to exhaust my mind
    I’m just trying to align the broken pieces inside
    After all this was a piece of mine.
    So, to fit the timing perfectly, I had to write more lines,
    I think I’m starting to understand how poets spit there rhymes.
    I Looked further out into the ocean
    And these blocks were broken
    this box was open
    Just a boxing notion
    Not omnipotent
    The gun was loaded
    And there I was thinking about the end.
    But in all honesty
    Something’s been bothering me,
    You know it's crazy, how people say
    They would like to change themselves in any way
    But where's the effort?
    Every day is one step closer to get better,
    I know you heard this in the past
    But hey listen,
    Think of everyday like it's your last,
    Put yourself in a cancer patient’s situation
    Tell your mind that you have cancer, and before I die, I will accomplish all my goals in life,
    Sure it’ll take time
    But that time will be well worth it.
    Don’t think about how you will be in the upcoming years.
    Stop thinking about pain and all your fears.
    Don’t let this hard work undo.
    Don’t think, just do.
    Because at the end of the day, accomplishing your goals, was all you.