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  • You

    You only better, because you’re being yourself.
    Or worse, because you’re being yourself;
    Depending on who you are,
    Or who you think you are.

    Who the hell do you think you are?
    If you don’t know, how can you be yourself?
    How can anyone else know, if you don’t know yourself?
    Because they know who you are.

    You have ‘tells’, those things that reveal yourself.
    They tell all that observe who you are.
    For better or worse, it’s who you are.
    Should we share, so you can learn of yourself?

    They say actions speak louder than words;
    How do your actions measure against your words?
    We do as we are, and we are as we do.
    What you want to do is up to you to do.

    So what do you do?
    Can you tell me in ways better than words?
    Or is that what you have - a bunch of words?
    Not your job. In any moment, what do you do?

    It’s hard, right, not using words?
    But people that know, know what you do.
    No one but you can make you do what you do.
    It is up to you to make or break your words.