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They Won't Understand

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  • They Won't Understand

    They Won't Understand

    I want to see through your eyes
    To understand what you're feeling
    But I know all I would witness is lies
    Because everyone is trying to bury you, when all you need is healing

    With every breathe you take
    Poison is replaced within your lungs, as you slowly go insane
    How much longer do you think you can fake
    Without doubling over in pain

    With a back full of cuts
    Where you managed to pull out all the knifes
    With people replacing your name with slut
    Telling you to take your life

    You want to run
    But you have nowhere left to go
    You just want to feel the sun
    But all people do is cover you with their shadow

    You don't understand
    Why they would keep pushing you
    When the pain is so great you can barley stand
    It's not like they can see it from your view

    You shrug it off
    And hope that somehow
    They will cough
    back up the poison they are consuming now

    And just leave you alone
    Because you have done nothing to them
    How much farther can you bend without shattering your bones
    All they want to do is cut your stem

    If only they could understand
    Show them that their frigid words burn like ice
    But they won't understand
    And you will end up paying the price
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