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The Seven Parts of Being Human

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  • The Seven Parts of Being Human

    In my own head
    With my own thoughts
    Thoughts I was told all my life would make me burn
    For their nature
    Alas, my thoughts reflect the animal within
    For I have felt pride
    I have been envious
    Many things cause wrath to arise in me
    Sloth, or laziness, flows through my being
    And what person has not been in the clutches of greed?
    Surely I am not the only human affected by the evolutionarily produced gluttony?
    Am I the only one with a need for more than I have, despite having an abundance already?
    And lust certainly is something many people fall victim to
    I could make excuses for these
    Changing times
    Any number of things
    But I don't have to
    For why should I need to excuse my humanity
    Censor my thoughts
    Or change who I am when this is how humans are
    How we have become over many years
    How it is in nature
    Why try to change when you never truly will?
    Or not even don't try because you can't
    Do not try to change these things about yourself because there's nothing wrong with them.

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    Like it...


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      this is amazing !!


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        Rhymezone.....we have a winner!