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A Dancer's Understanding 2015

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  • A Dancer's Understanding 2015

    More or less why the space varies,
    Innovation or audio wave carries,
    Should I go for Priceless emotion,
    Or for mindless locomotion,
    The feel of the wood below splinters my mind,
    I could call on feelings but how will I find,
    No never use that inclination,
    Putting myself in a box is eternal damnation,
    The lines on the floor to me is like a book,
    The stories in my story I have mistook,
    Mistake can't make a mistake,
    No I can this is what Im here for....make,
    Make a new world make a new life,
    Put understanding into images unseen like a knife,
    More to this world then what I can see,
    What can I do What can I be,
    Music Music Music Music,
    Tap Tick Curl Wave Click,
    There's the rhythm I need,
    Plant the tree, Plant the seed,
    Let it grow, Let it bloom,
    Push it out, See it boom,
    Boom Bap does the bass take me,
    Curl Wave flip don't forsake me,
    Finally feeling my flow,
    The audience sees it they know,
    Lights! Camera! Sooth the show,
    They finally get it,
    They finally Understand,
    I look up and see my work repeated,
    My fate in the mirror completed.

    -DJ Simmerz 2015.
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