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Understanding (H.E.S) love can't be mine

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  • Understanding (H.E.S) love can't be mine

    His love was the most beautiful thing to have ever happened to me,
    His love was magic, it was almost tragic
    His love was a fantasy, but as strong as an oak tree
    The way his smile brightened the darkest & gloomiest parts of me,
    The way those green eyes looked oh so deeply
    I was almost jealous of everything he saw that wasn't me
    His love was out of this world extraordinary, and nothing could ever
    top that at that time of my life,
    His love was toxic, but I just dreamed of being his wife
    While my heart rejoiced in pure and true love,
    What can I do to have him was all I could think of,
    I couldn't take it no more this love was just hurting me
    His love was stunning, but it was out of my reach
    Some days I had faith and I trusted fate,
    because I knew deep in my heart he was my soul mate
    Some days I realized the harm his love was doing to me
    I had to wake up from my dream and come back to reality
    But his love wasn't easy to let go
    as it was something you'd want for eternity,
    I have to get myself together
    because I'm drowning in this poisonous love,
    Seeing his green eyes interlocking with mine was now my only hope,
    but until then I have to forget about this impossible love.