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Sonnet for a Woman Poet

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  • Sonnet for a Woman Poet

    She tips back drops and drips of bootless drug,
    Cyan heart churning like melody possessed.
    As guano gleams off lonely beach hole dug
    And gulls whoop sky in feathered formal dress.
    The ocean’s wash and wipe on sun-eyed porch
    Applauds and billows darkened air to fame,
    And distant lighthouse beams a muted torch
    On black cliffs for shattered yachts and yokes to claim.
    She chews on pastries brimmed with sweetened yolk
    Eyes dark and wide like shipwrecked mussel faces--
    Italy is firm and faraway. Smoke
    Hounds planes like dogs in deathless places.
    If only I knew the good of dreams unstrewn
    As good to me as night is to the moon.

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    Michelle Chen
    Whitestone, New York

    My first post on rhyme zone, so comment and tell me what you think!