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  • Born to understand

    Coming into this world with nothing to grasp, starting from nothing and now trying to know it all. Have I learned my lesson yet, what do I really understand?

    Do I understand beauty?
    FOR plagues of dandelions invade fields of green as toxic weeds, deceiving my eyes, disguising themselves as beautiful, golden flowers that I dare not pick.

    Do I understand prayer?
    NO trace of power is in my words, no sound found in my screams, and no meaning is in my thoughts. For the one I seek for understanding has not answered and has rewarded me with His silence.

    Do I understand compassion?
    ONE breath in my lungs, I reach for those drowning in seas of troubles, but as air begins to escape my lips in forms of bubbles of indifference I let them go, and watch them to sink.

    Do I understand forgiveness?
    SEEMS the wounds I have stitched throughout the years have gradually closed, hardening my heart, but the scars still taunt me. For when I am hit by the memory, my heart of stone crumbles and turns to dust.

    Do I understand truth?
    TO know the secrets of the Earth’s core is what I know is sure in life, but as I approach the darkness of the soil I turn away and hide. I wait and close my eyes in comfort and hope to see a light while deep down knowing that it’s a lie.

    UNDERSTAND that all these thing and more I do not know or see, but yet that is of no importance to me for life is good to me and I am all that I can be.