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  • Black Heart

    Black Heart
    Von Calypso
    Crest Hill, IL

    Do you love America?
    I love me some Merica.
    A place where the air I breathe is pine fresh,
    But the pine is no longer fine because of the trail,
    Veiled by what we think are beautiful skies.
    Which love to speak to me on my daily walks.
    Crying, trying to get me to see what those planes do,
    Those planes woo, swoop down seek and pursue,
    And fulfill the goal for their greed.
    Plant their seeds so the harsh sun can make them grow.
    Is this what democracy looks like?
    The Valentine’s Day jewelry gift I buy at the store.
    Shapeshifts into falling spheres out the sky
    So when it drops it helps them raise their score.
    Killing in the name of justice.
    Leaving the defenseless in a state of hushness.
    I mean,
    I’ve seen some of those videos.
    And Man, I thought a stillborn was harsh,
    How about a still-death?
    The gaze upon the bomb differs
    From the gaze upon the stars,
    It leaves the body with no battle scars.
    We Kill People, Who Kill People
    Because killing people is wrong,
    And forget the principle of Yin & Yang.
    That not only the bad are killed, but the innocent
    Men, Women, and Children are too when we hear
    The Booms and Bangs.
    Every soldier killed in the military
    Gets a pretty funeral.
    Flowers, Salutes, Respectful Gun Shots
    The whole shebang.
    While those that are killed by us,
    Don’t get a clap, they’re left to hang.
    Our wounded and KIA’s get a purple heart.
    While those that survive our bombs, are torn apart.
    And all I can say is…
    I’m sorry…
    I am so sorry,
    To all those innocent killed like it was a human safari.
    Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria
    To the families that have had innocent killed
    Because Obama felt they met the criteria
    I am sorry.
    There is no such thing as innocent killing
    Being morally Justified
    Families now living horrified
    Because of this Obama Nation.
    If our injured and killed can get a purple heart.
    Those we unjustly kill in action deserve an award to.
    The Black Heart.
    Because Black comes with mystery,
    And we will never get to know those people,
    Except as civilians we killed in our history.