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  • When we mean

    Sometimes what people mean
    is at odds with what they say
    They're really thinking about a dream
    but telling you about fate.
    Sometimes we say, "goodbye,"
    when we really mean, "don't leave."
    We wanna say, "It'll be okay,"
    but its easier not to speak.
    Sometimes folks say, "count on me,"
    when there eyes say, "don't even call."
    They're offering to help you up,
    though laughing when you fall.
    She says softly, "I love you,"
    whispered in my ear,
    but sadly, "well I used to,"
    is all I really hear.
    because sometimes we say, "I love you,"
    when we mean, "I don't wanna be alone,"
    tell ourselves this will be warm enough,
    when this bed is freezing cold...