How Could I Expect You To Understand?

How could I expect you to understand
How could I expect you to see
What I'm going through,
When you refuse to hear
What I'm screaming.
Through layers of dirt
Because I'm twenty feet under,
And I needed you to dig me out.
But you didn't want to understand.
You covered your eyes,
Because all I did was bring you down
Along with me.
So you drowned out my screams,
And left me underground.
But how could I expect you to save me?
I shouldn't blame you.
I'm the one who has to understand.
I understand
Why you left.
You saved yourself
Because it is too late for me.
I understand
Why you covered your eyes,
Because the pain I'm feeling shouldn't be witnessed.
I understand
Why you drowned me out,
Because my screams only brought you pain.
I understand why you left,
Because that was the only way
To make me
A faded memory.