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Thoughts on a better poet by my friend RGstar

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  • Thoughts on a better poet by my friend RGstar

    My friend RGstar on his thoughts a better poet

    RGstar: A BETTER POET?

    Now, as far as poems go, there are no rights or wrongs , but there is form, structure, feel, and delivery. In amongst that lot, somewhere, there is what I call; the 'soul' of the writing.

    You challenge your mind, and deliver your thoughts. That is what you do.

    Your thoughts are not the soul. Your thoughts are vessels of communication that need molding in order to create the emotion that appeals to the conscious, and unconscious this case, the reader.

    Sometimes, thoughts alone cannot deliver the emotion needed when writing a poem. You need to develop its 'soul'

    Nouns are, in a sense, static and stationary, robust and full-proof. They do not bend or move unless you bend them.... with mostly, GOOD adjectives.

    Yet, be careful. Many new poets, and many old, (who should know better) sometimes tend to over compensate their poetry with TOO MANY adjectives.

    An adjective can be the light of a poem or the glaze of disaster. Chose your adjective well, and use it when it serves purpose, or there is a reason to believe you are just creating superficial decoration.

    With prose, you have time to develop and lull into a sense of feel, and direction.
    With poetry you have no time. You must formulate with only a few words, therefore the adjective becomes your most potent weapon, or you most poetic death.

    Use wisely friends.

    'There is a difference between writing poetically and writing poetry.'

    When we truly grasp the difference, we will undoubtedly write better poems.

    November 21 at 5:18PM

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    Hi, Bowled. Why is this posted to the contest forum? It's not a contest entry.