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  • Cutting The Thread

    How can we move forward
    If we struggle to let go,
    Of that which has its hold on us
    Which tries so hard to show.

    We keep it in that hidden place
    For others not to see,
    And yet, we fool ourselves
    By holding on, to some degree.

    It’s that which keeps us bound
    To living life the same each day,
    Wishing in some way
    Those things would somehow go away.

    But if we’re to make progress
    On the road that lies ahead,
    Then we must find a way
    And do our best, to cut that thread.
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    I like your poem, Rich. It tells about how you should let things go, right? How you should cut that thread, since each thread holds something. So we have to cut that specific thread that we just can't get over. The best thing is, your poem is short, but it says a lot of things. Again, great job.


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      Wishing, that somehow
      Those things would somehow go away.

      Saying somehow twice sounds odd so omit one of them
      ​Other than that great job