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  • Amazing Love

    I give You full access to the most hidden parts of my heart
    I’m learning that with You- it’s never too late for a fresh start
    You can take all that I was and turn it into all that You are
    I can cry out any time- day or night- and You are never far

    In fact, You are so close to me at all times that all it takes,
    All I have to do when I’m speechless and my heart aches
    Is whisper the name of Jesus and You’re there ready to heal.
    Your love is so amazing. Some days it hardly seems real

    How could it be? How could someone so perfectly perfect
    Give up His life- take on the sin of the world- my soul to protect
    And how could the world spit in Your face and say they don’t need you?
    With each passing day- I love You so much more than I used to

    Hear my heart as it cries out to You. My Jesus. My King.
    I devote my life to You. My Savior. I give You everything.
    I praise You in the light…I praise You in the dark…
    My heart sings of Your love and You ignite the spark.

    Transform my heart to more like Yours- so whole and pure
    Remind me of my position- it is in You that I am secure.
    Thank You for loving me, for paying such a high price for me
    Invade my thoughts, help me to live and speak so all will see.

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    Very nice, Miss Marci. May the Lord use it to His glory in the lives of all who read it.