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Working with Children; As Easy as "A, B, C"

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  • Working with Children; As Easy as "A, B, C"

    • Appreciate each child for their unique talents
    • Be available to help when things get off balance
    • Care unconditionally for each child
    • Demonstrate desired behaviors before things get wild
    • Earn respect by showing love
    • Frequently compliment; go beyond and above
    • Give genuine, heart-felt praise
    • Help solve problems in positive ways
    • Identify strengths that children posses
    • Jump for joy with every success
    • Keep communicating at every age
    • Learn from your child during each stage
    • Mentor a child who needs direction
    • Nourish a child with your affection
    • Omit conflict by offering choices
    • Provide encouragement with non-threatening voices
    • Question your kids and hear what they say
    • Rules without relationships cause kids to stray
    • Share WHY it's important to follow the rules
    • Teach them about life outside of their schools
    • Understand the other point of view
    • Volunteer when there's nothing in it for you
    • Welcome each challenge with spirit and zest
    • Xplain your expectations and expect the best
    • You get to make a difference at work and at play
    • Zone out negativity, Zoom in on GOOD every day

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    Your poem is SO GOOD! I need to make a copy for my fridge and hang one in every classroom!!! Wonderful and helpful!


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      Thank you Melody! I'm so glad you find it helpful!


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        Amybabs, Another great one! It looked interesting at first glance, then when realized it had the rhyme scheme, it made it even better!... I coached my son's T-ball team last year and it was so rewarding to provide a positive environment for the kids and see them grow over the course of the season. I'm also working on a children's book series that I hope to make a positive impact with if I can get it published. I assume you work with kids based on this and some of your previous comments?


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          WOW!!!! so understanding. job well done. even though it is the opposite of rebellious I still am in LOVE with this poem.


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            I really like how this combines creativity and common sense while adhering to a structure that's perfect for the subject of working with children: the alphabet! Nice work.