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  • Cracked Masks

    You wore a mask so long
    You forgot who you were beneath it
    You thought who you were was wrong
    So you spent your life trying to sheath it
    But now your covers gone
    And you're out in the open, naked
    And as the world sees the truth
    You can feel yourself breaking
    But the mask that hid you for so long
    Fell and cracked on the floor
    And people you knew, who only cared for the mask
    Headed for the door
    But half of you was grateful
    Though the other half was sad
    Yes it may sound strange
    But half of you was glad
    For the mask that hid your face
    Did not only hide you
    The mask obstructed your vision
    And narrowed your point of view
    So now you finally see the world
    And understand it, too
    So now you have this new perspective
    What you do with it is up to you