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  • Yugendean
    Thank you for your comments, and yes it has everything to do with being able to see with an open heart
    I was looking at the field as what we all consider our personal space and world. Everyone likes to feel comfortable, safe and secure. What happens when that space is encroached upon by something/one we don't understand? Typical response is to push that thing away so we can get back to "normal". Having your eyes and heart open allows you to see that everyone is going through the same life and experience that you are, no matter what differences rest between. Like you said, sometimes it takes someone else to treat you with an open heart for you to come to that realization as well. All of a sudden the typically faceless people you walk by on the street or drive by in traffic, become very human and you're able to show caring and empathy.

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  • J.Worth13
    I found this to be an interesting piece... First, I liked the title, as it made me choose to read this from the list of entries on the page, and the rhyme and flow is pretty good. I think it took me a second read to attempt an interpretation because it is a little complex. Im guessing the field represents the heart of a person who was resistant to let anyone in, and one person opened up a new way of thinking? Am I close?

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  • Yugendean
    started a topic With more than eyes

    With more than eyes

    I am walking through a golden field
    Alone and unafraid
    The sun is shining in the sky
    Life's beauty is displayed

    But far across my open field
    I see a form step through
    I feel the panic in my heart
    But know just what to do

    I boldly step across the plain
    And let loose a fiery shout
    "What do you think your doing here?
    You don't belong, get out!"

    "Don't you see that this is mine?
    I've lived here all my life!
    There is no room for anyone else!
    Do not bring me your strife!"

    Then you look at me with more than eyes
    You look at me with love
    With just one look you fill my heart
    With light from up above

    I hear your voice come ringing out
    It whispers in my ear
    "Just cause you haven't seen us yet,
    Doesn't mean that we're not here"

    "At first you see the outer shell
    The surface of our skin
    But if you look beyond just that
    You'll see where we begin"

    "We are not different you and I
    I do the things you do
    For I have been upon this land
    Just as long as you"

    "Yes I may not look the same
    Or I speak in different ways
    But in my eyes you see the soul
    That in my heart does lay"

    "It's the same as what's inside of you
    And indeed I feel your pain
    But if you look with eyes of love
    You'll see we are the same"

    I close my eyes that saw with hate
    And open them again
    I see you now for what you are
    And now I understand

    I see our light go dancing up
    And fly into the sky
    For love is what binds the pieces of our souls
    That rest in you and I

    I look around my empty field
    And notice that it's full
    Of the people there I couldn't see
    My eyes have no more wool

    I no longer see the shadowy form
    That scared me so before
    That brought me only angry hate
    Until I'd want no more

    And all it took, was just one soul
    To look at me with love
    To allow my heart to open up
    And take flight just like a dove

    Where I once walked in empty fields
    Or stood just like a stone
    My open eyes have let me see
    That I will never be alone

    We all now walk together at last
    We are all hand in hand
    For love has shown me how to live
    And now I understand