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Mother and Son: Understanding Now

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  • Mother and Son: Understanding Now

    It once was called a generation gap.
    For us, it has been more or less a chasm.
    To comprehend your ways required a map.
    Our interaction muscles lived in spasm.

    "Just once, if you could see things as I do!"
    (Your teenage visage florid in frustration.)
    "If you could understand that I love you!"
    (Heart of a mother, dreading altercation.)

    Then, one day you and she both said, "I do,"
    And drove away to be in love -- and broke.
    You sacrificed, worked hard and both stayed true
    To your dreams and to the promises you spoke.

    I see now, what I took for disrespect
    Was often just your heart's deep cry for wings.
    You've found your freedom, and now, circumspect,
    You're rooted well in the important things.

    Your baby son now captures our affection --
    You smile at me, eyes color of the sea,
    And speak with humble humor -- no pretention --
    I understand now how much you love me.

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    Amazing job. I like this poem a lot.


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      I have three sons; the youngest of which just turned 20 ~ so I can totally relate to your heart & thoughts, as perfectly expressed here. 👍