Hell’s demon awakens, eyes turned to gold
Wrinkled skin sags, but he’s not that old
He lies between sheets, alone in the bed
Waiting in silence until, at last, he is dead
The face of pure evil, she’s seen him before
While they were fighting, when they were at war
And now that it’s over, and her side has won
She can see the destruction, see the things that she’s done
No, she isn’t proud, but he’ll soon be dead
The swift-acting plague her side had to send
Demons can’t survive the love of the skies
But, why then, why did this sight make her cry?
She was an angel of God, he was the scourge of the Earth
The scum of the dirt, of no value or worth
A terrible man who’d done terrible things
But why, then, did his death make her heart sting?
There isn’t a place for demons up here
Hell only knows how to torture and fear
But Earth needs to be loved, to be nourished and grow
With the light sent from heaven, an ethereal glow
Yet she sits beside him, and she takes his hand
But he doesn’t hear her, his mind’s far from this land
She looks at his eyes, the sickening whites
The pupils constricted, as if he’s seen the light
And there, while she lingers, his last breath escapes
And Hell’s demon pays for his final mistake
All transgressions forgotten, now he’s just a shell
And now that’s she’s seen him, she is as well