I’m a stranger in a foreign land
Their words and gestures, I don’t understand
Their hair and eyes are light and free
They speak of hope, and liberty
They sing of peace and rights for all
But they can’t hear me when I call
They don’t think of rights for me
Of my dreams and equality
Wherever I go, they stop and stare
And I hear their whispers everywhere
But I walk on and shrug it off
Though their echoes jeer and scoff
I can’t pretend that it doesn’t sting
Their voices in my mind still ring
And a world of pain spins through my heart
As their eyes probe and rip me apart
And I might lie as life goes on
Laugh and love like nothing’s wrong
But they will suspect, and I know they can see
This devil of difference who has grown out of me
Horns made of bias, and eyes made from hate
A tail from the friendship that came a little too late
Scales from the stereotypes written in steel
Run away now, or you might become my next meal
Don’t pause here to know me, I’m only a face
A fish out of water, in some foreign place
I don’t belong with you, but I don’t have a choice
So I’ll stand and sing until someone hears my voice