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  • Reflection

    I look in the mirror, but what do I see?
    A stranger, a girl, looking right back at me!
    Her hair is too greasy, her eyes are too small
    Her face is quite chubby, and she’s not very tall
    She squints a bit harder, staring at my face
    Studying me as if I’ve come from some foreign place
    When I open my mouth, she does, too
    But the words are my own, that much is true
    Who is this girl? She’s certainly not me
    My heart isn’t here, it’s high, flying free
    My mind is on mountains, my dreams are in clouds
    So why, then, does this likeness haunt me here, on the ground?
    This is my reflection, a person I can’t see
    But it’s all the world will know, all that I can ever be
    They don’t know the places I frequent in the dark
    A dreamland so perfect I don’t know where to start
    And the world can’t see my colours, they only see this thing
    That stares behind a mirror, seeing everything
    And they won’t know my demons, and they won’t know my lies
    The ones I whisper every night beneath the starlit skies
    “I’m beautiful,” I tell myself, “both inside and out
    And there’s nothing there I should ever have any doubts about”
    But lies are only breaths of air
    And my reflection follows me everywhere
    A hideous shadow on the wall
    Watching, waiting for me to finally fall
    And then it shall laugh with the rest of the world
    For the one who forgot she was just a little girl
    And thought that reflections could be shaken or deceived
    Those reflections are the ones I should have believed