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Affair in Early Sobriety

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  • Affair in Early Sobriety

    Affair in Early Sobriety

    Two clouded sparks
    Finally met
    Shockingly calm
    False silhouette

    Playfully teasing
    Openly hide
    Selfishly pleasing
    Dangerous ride

    Awesomely harmful
    Wonderfully spoiled
    Bitterly charmed
    Trustingly foiled

    Magnetic force
    Climactically wrong
    Euphoric remorse
    Unstably strong

    Insides are churning
    Heart’s going to burst
    Passion is burning
    Heavenly cursed

    Love and aversion
    I laughed and I cried
    Cornered excursion
    We lived and we died

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    I have to say...this is the first time I actually solidified this whole ordeal. I don't talk about it, I don't write about it, and I try not to think about it and all the aftermath, but it was burning a whole in my heart and I had to do something. I got choked up after I read the final draft, and now I'm teary-eyed, about to cry, but I'm glad it's OUT! THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the awesome poets on this site because reading dozens of pieces inspired me, people who messaged me motivated me, and I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this contest! I think the whole "take away"/lesson learned is that this whole experience helped ME understand. Here, I thought my poems would portray "understanding", but actually, I'M the one who gained understanding, and that is thanks to you all! Peace, Love, & Harmony, Amy B


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      AMY B I TRULY AGREE!! You have to check out fanstory they have contests daily. This must have been a love where you to were not right for each other. Or maybe its the relationship with alcohol maybe but I like it when people share from the heart. I have one soon I will post about the bond betweem a brother and his sister. I gave it to her at Christmas and couldn't read it through we were all balling. but happy to. please give me criticism of critique my writing if you find ann errors. I will do the same. My English punctuation needs a lot of work. Thanks For Sharing I have also I will post titled GYMNASTICS LATER


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        I'm not sure exactly what the affair was, but I like that it's not exactly transparent. It leaves a little to the imagination, but I wish you would write "Part 2; the hidden meaning".


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          Interesting read. I found it to be quite flowing, and charming to say the least. It was well put together. Although I did not realize "awesomely" was a word...But you learn something new everyday!