Two-sided glass, one way mirror
If you look left, things seem a little clearer
But if you’re on the right side, things look wrong
You’re on the inside, looking out, you know you don’t belong
Touch the glass with your finger, and your finger touches you
An illusion of the eyes, a trick, you know it isn’t true
But the eyes behind the glass, you know, can see each move you make
The tremors, fear, even the tears — they know all your mistakes
You might try to hide, escape, or act like you don’t care
Slouch and swear or kick and call, so they know you’re not scared
But you’re not fooling anyone, they’ve seen so many times
The tricks, the dips, the stupid quips with rude, half-hearted rhymes
You’re no one new, you’re just a number waiting inside the room
Of another practical nursing exam that you arrived to an hour too soon