A Poem By otaku.poet
When the first rays of sun hit the light of the ground
All were asleep, all with no sound
One loner stood in the midst of midnight
Walked these empty walls without a fright
Then to jaunt home, with no sound at all
Twas the night before the self brawl
The world is adorned with many mysteries indeed
So why must humankind seem to bleed?
She begins to speak, but loud silence comes out
She does not mean to whisper, she means to shout
So why must the words be hushed, without a peep?
And why does my life feel six feet deep?
Spacious, desolated, abandoned
What I want is just a trustworthy companion
So what shall I do, what to say?
New lies, new poisons, new everyday
So let us go into her room and take a look
Let us adorn a new story, create a new book
She brushes her hair, making curls that bounce
Acquire some friends to show off and announce
Put on a dress, a pretty one with bows
It looks very beautiful, that which she knows
Adorn a new necklace, interspersed with pearls
Wear pretty shoes, that like a girls
Shower your hands with bangles and bracelets
Pull on some leggings with decorative laces
Adorn yourself with all the lies you can get
Force a smile, don't let them see you upset
Make your eyes twinkle with delight
Go and hide all the widened fright
Laugh and joke and play with them all
Act like you would be big and tall
Even if you feel lonely and small
You began to fake before you began to crawl
Throw away all your worries, your fakes
Stop everything pull on the brakes
Do you understand others and their stories?
Do you understand these innocent quarries?
No, you do not, so stop laughing and "joking"
Even when they smile, they seem to be choking
Find this in them, and just sit aside
Let them have some happiness, let them have some pride
Because they have none, they erase themselves from this world
Their brilliant plumage everyday they have furled
They adorn thy selves with their fake smiles
Everyday, all days, they feel like trials
So take away all their adorned
And push away all the thorns.