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The World and Our Surroundings

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  • The World and Our Surroundings

    I am young but I am not dumb I know what's going on Around me and in this world
    I know that many things have occurred in this world
    It is mixed with evil and good
    Their are many things I've misunderstood and Understood
    I do a lot of thinking
    I hear people criticizing
    Jeopardizing the place we call earth
    Little did they know they're just making it all worse
    I see people loiter
    I pick up the trash
    I laugh because it's so funny how they talk about how the world is so bad
    But what's so sad because what they don't understand is they're tearing this world apart
    See I'm smart enough to know this
    The end of the world is not a myth
    Just like we all though the labyrinth was a myth
    Most don't confess to their sins
    Until they're life start to change for the worse
    The world, the universe
    It's our home, our dome
    We should treat it like the valuable golden throne it is
    It was made for a king
    The world and our surroundings

    Home Town: Detroit, Michigan